Energy Manager Canada featured in Establishing Efficient Digital Currency Mining in Canada

Energy Manager Canada

Establishing Efficient Digital Currency Mining in Canada

January 05, 2021

We recently signed a joint agreement with BlockLAB that may change Canada forever. We will move forward with the Aurora HDC (High-Density Computation) project in Wabush, Labrador.

The hydropower used by Aurora HDC originates from the Churchill Falls reservoir. Constructed in 1972, the reservoir has become practically carbon neutral. The project's fixed rate of electricity competes with some of the most competitive prices worldwide.

We believe this to be the first of many mining projects to find a home in Canada. BlockLAB CEO Curtis Doran expressed his hopes that "together we can foster the next generation of world-class HDC infrastructure backed by 100% renewable energy right here in Canada."

Read the full article at Energy Manager Canada.

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