Digital asset speculation

The future of hashing power

We provide a way for hashing power producers to connect with speculators, simultaneously alleviating risk and offering the opportunity for great rewards.

We give miners a way to hedge against uncertainty.

Mining digital assets are vulnerable to many market forces. Fluctuating asset prices, difficulty adjustments, transaction fees, halvings and many more all directly affect profitability. We offer hashing power producers different tools and strategies that allow them to focus on what they do best. Introducing a level of predictability that will mature the sector.

Hedging tools for miners

We're providing exciting new financial services.

Investors are always looking for innovative ways to increase their returns. Through its brokerage partners, Markets provides an array of arbitrage opportunities to be explored in digital asset mining — without the burden of infrastructure investment.

Hash power in canada

Your transactions are secure with us. We back up every trade, guaranteed!

With our large reserve of hashing power produced through Generation, we can ensure that every commodity transaction cleared through Markets is underwritten and execution is guaranteed.

Hashing power production is a nascent industry that has yet to realize that many old world tools can be applied to our new world problems.

Mike Blais-Cohen

Chief Executive Officer

In The Press

Our insight into digital currency mining has been featured in some of the world's most prestigious publications.

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