Mining digital assets

Computation commodified

Spearheading the financialization of hashing power.

Hashing power is the blood that courses through the veins of a blockchain to make its heart beat.

Mike Blais-Cohen

Chief Executive Officer

Hash power generation

We put stranded energy to good use.

Energy can become stranded as a result of economic, environmental or geographic factors. Learn how Generation puts these untapped resources to use.

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Digital mining futures

We're giving speculators access to hashing power contracts. Markets will offer the first clearing and settlement service for physically delivered hashing power contracts. Our financial services allow issuers of hashing power contracts to eliminate the counterparty risk between buyer and seller. That's why we're developing the digital asset industry's first clearinghouse for hashing power that can comply with the best practices of traditional commodity markets while meeting the needs of producers, contract issuers, market venues and speculators alike.

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Mining industry leaders

We are a team of savvy industry leaders.

We have a carefully-curated global team of visionaries, early adopters, and hashing power experts that have been extensively involved in the sector as far back as 2010. We collectively span four countries and speak seven languages.

Our Team

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