The leading edge of hashing power production Generation converts stranded energy and industry experience into a tangible commodity.

Transforming stranded energy into digital asset opportunities.

Hashing power production has had a marked impact on the energy sector as a whole. Digital asset miners have sought cheap energy the world over and renewables are increasingly taking center stage as the most cost effective option. We provide all the tools necessary to fuel this development to the next stage and beyond.

Cheap electricity for mining

When producing hashing power, cheap energy wins.

Hashing power represents the conversion of energy into digital assets. This means hash power producers are on a never-ending search for the cheapest sources of energy.

Renewable energy mining

We have access to some of the most cost effective renewable energy on the planet.

By placing our focus on stranded energy, we've gained access to some of the most affordable green energy globally. And by building in Canada, we've addressed a variety of industry stress points such as duties, corruption, seasonal fluctuations, unfavourable climate and other geopolitical risks.

In The Press

Our insight into digital currency mining has been featured in some of the world's most prestigious publications.

Coindesk Reuters CNN Hashr8 Nasdaq Yahoo Energy Manager Financial Post Times of India Digital Davos

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We have established our mining facilities next to stranded renewable power sources, effectively capturing wealth that would have otherwise literally flown down the river.


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